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LI4278 RETAIL IMG 0494Retail is a competitive, vibrant and dynamic industry – one where consumer trends and fashions change constantly. It’s also an industry which has been heavily disrupted by technology, in particular the Internet.

Today’s “connected” consumer shops in-store, online and on their mobile. A clever retailer will integrate their various sales channels to provide consumers with a consistent shopping experience. Branding and unique experiences are what today’s tech-savvy consumers are seeking.

In summary, a successful retail business must provide its customers with:-

• Access to the right brands and products.
• Stock availability – regardless of the purchasing method.
• A unique buying experience, which may include special offers and loyalty programs.
• Competitive pricing - relative to the overall value proposition.
• Prompt and friendly service.

At Barcode Dynamics, we understand the challenges and nuances of the retail sector. We’re able to provide complete retail solutions in the following areas:-

Customer Engagement
• Engage customers with handheld computers, interactive kiosks and guest Wi-Fi services.

Point of Sale
• Empower your staff to process payments electronically at the counter or on the move.

Workforce Mobility
• Enable staff on the floor to access, record and share information.

Membership, Gift Card, Coupon and Loyalty Card Printing
• Reward customers with membership cards, gift cards, coupons and loyalty program cards.

Inventory Management
• Satisfy customer demand by stocking and re-ordering the right products.

Staff Communications
• Connect customer-facing staff with colleagues in the warehouse or distribution centre via secure mobile computer technology and voice applications.

Wireless LAN
• Enable staff and customers to connect seamlessly via Wi-Fi to a wireless LAN (WLAN).

Device and Network Infrastructure Management
• Accurately identify and manage devices, equipment and other technology assets.


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