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Transport, Logistics & Warehousing

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The transport, logistics and warehousing industries play a critical role in the supply of goods and the movement of people in the economy.

At Barcode Dynamics, we understand that mobility and tracking systems play a vital part in the success of every transport, logistics and warehousing operation.

A mobility or tracking solution from Barcode Dynamics can improve productivity and enhance operational efficiency. Our solutions can empower your organisation to do the following:-

Communicate with drivers and track vehicles
• Communicate in real-time with drivers, as well as track vehicle performance and monitor driver behavior for compliance.

Reduce cost
• Monitor and manage critical transport costs like fuel and tyres.

Keep your inventory relevant
• Satisfy customer demand by stocking and re-ordering the right products.

Save time and effort
• Instantly track shipments, and advise drivers on the quickest and safest routes.

Work on the move
• Enable employees to access and input information whilst on the move, as well as respond quickly to customer problems.

Keep customers happy
• Provide timely and up-to-date tracking information for customers with an enquiry.

Operational transparency
• Provide management with accurate operational data to enhance decision making.


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