Ivanti Velocity Provides Android Pathway

July 2018

Ivanti, a world-leader in unified IT solutions, makes supply chain management easier with its new Velocity 2.0 product. Velocity 2.0 enables existing Telnet and web applications to be accessed by an Android user interface. As end-of-support looms for Windows Mobile and Windows CE, many organisations are embracing the Android-powered supply chain.

Velocity 2.0, which is powered by Wavelink, provides the interface between Android mobile devices and legacy Telnet / web applications. Many of the latest handheld computers, such as the Zebra MC3300 mobile computer, feature an Android OS. The benefit of an Android user interface is that many staff (particularly new staff) find it easier to use.

Velocity 2.0 is already proving popular with retailers, manufacturers and other supply chain operators. The Velocity 2.0 framework is comprised of 4-steps: migration, optimisation, modernisation and speech (MOMS). Major features of Velocity 2.0 include:

  • Rapid Modernisation – scripts and APIs enable Velocity 2.0 to detect existing Telnet and web applications, and then deploy a configurable Android user interface.
  • External Content – information and images from a website or Intranet can be inserted into online workflows, resulting in greater productivity and training support.
  • Expanded Device Support – Velocity 2.0 provides enhanced support for Panasonic rugged mobile computers and Zebra MC3300 / Zebra VC80x mobile computers.

For further information and pricing on Ivanti Velocity 2.0, please contact our friendly team on 07 3399 6510, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..