Wi-Fi and WLANs Explained

November 2016

A wireless local area network (WLAN) is a computer network which uses radio signalling to connect devices and users. A WLAN which uses the IEEE 802.11 communication standards is usually called Wi-Fi. Most Wi-Fi networks use the 2.5 GHz UHF and 5 GHz SHF radio bands.

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The Rationale for Rugged Mobility

October 2016

Why Go Rugged?
Most mobile computing devices are not designed for outdoor or physically-stressful environments. Once a laptop, notepad, scanner or handheld computer leaves the safe confines of an office, the chances of it failing or being damaged increase considerably.

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Buying a Label Printer

September 2016

Your business requires quality labels on an ad hoc or random basis. The print runs are small, so a professional printing facility isn’t feasible or cost-effective. What do you do? Obviously you need to buy a label printer, but which one?

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Panasonic's Latest Toughpads

Introducing Panasonic's New Range of Toughpads!

Never before has so much capability, flexibility and performance been packed into such a small form factor with premium outdoor viewing quality and lightweight, mobile tablet design.

The simple fact is, any device can be labeled "rugged" and we can provide our customers with the right information to ensure they will be armed with the ruggedized mobile computer or tablet that meets their needs at the lowest total cost of ownership.

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A Warm Welcome


September 2016

After many hours of hard work, Barcode Dynamics is proud to launch its new website.

The new site, which replaces our existing one, is still located at

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1D versus 2D Barcodes

Yes, it’s true! 2D barcodes are smaller and “smarter” than 1D barcodes. But don’t write off the humble 1D barcode just yet.

To gain an understanding of the two barcode technologies and their respective strengths, please read on!

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