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Healthcare & Allied Services

solutions healthTechnology is rewriting the future of healthcare. To deliver extraordinary patient care, health services throughout the world are embracing integrated mobility and electronic patient record solutions. A mobile computer, connected to a central patient database via Wi-Fi, is simply all it takes to glimpse the future of healthcare.

Integrated mobility enables a health professional, such as a nurse or doctor, to access and share real-time patient information whilst on the move. The same technology provides other advantages too:

  • It eradicates the need for cumbersome patient files, which are potentially heavy and prone to misplacement / loss.
  • It assists with the process of Positive Patient Identification, ensuring that patients receive the proper treatment and medication.

At Barcode Dynamics, we understand the healthcare industry and its specific operational requirements. We’ve worked closely with Queensland Health over the past few years to implement a number of mobility solutions in major hospitals, including the Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH).

For further information on our broad range of mobility products and solutions - including mobile computers, printers, wristbands, barcode scanners and wireless LANs - please contact our friendly team of professionals.

Key Outcomes Focus for Healthcare

  • Boost workforce productivity.
  • Enhance patient care.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Optimise IT operations.