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Energy, Mining & Utilities

mc67 mobile computer construction application photography print 72dpiThe energy, mining and utilities sectors play a crucial role in providing cost-effective and sustainable sources of energy and raw materials. Oil, gas, coal, iron ore, bauxite and electricity are all essential ingredients in the modern industrial economy.

At Barcode Dynamics, we understand the unique connectivity and communication challenges which confront the energy, mining and utilities sectors. We’re able to provide intrinsically-safe and rugged solutions in the following areas:-

Field Service
• Enable service and maintenance staff to access and input information whilst in the field, as well as respond quickly to technical problems.

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)
• Provide staff with mobile communication devices to ensure a quick response to any health or safety issue.

Operational Transparency
• Provide management with accurate operational data to enhance decision making.

Workforce Mobility
• Empower staff on the move to access, record and share information.

Asset Management
• Manage assets efficiently to maximise output and minimise downtime.

Industrial-grade Wireless
• Enable remote and on-site staff to communicate via a durable and secure wireless network which supports voice, data and video.

Device Management
• Accurately identify and manage devices, equipment and other technology assets.

Remote Monitoring
• Utilise the power of IoT (the Internet of Things) to collect and exchange data with remote IoT-enabled devices.


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