Zetes Still the One

February 2018

The name “Zetes” is synonymous with quality industrial labelling systems across the world. If you’re serious about identifying and tracking your assets, or enhancing your go-to-market strategy, Zetes and Barcode Dynamics are your go-to industrial labelling team.

Zetes, which was fully acquired by Panasonic Corporation in 2017, provides a customisable end-to-end industrial labelling solution. A typical solution from Zetes includes a print engine (integrated or OEM), a printer applicator, a rewinder and an operating panel.

The Zetes MD3000 and MD4000 industrial labelling solutions, which are available from Barcode Dynamics, have several key advantages:-

  • All components are designed to fit into a compact base plate, to minimise the amount of space required on the production line.
  • Print applicators can be equipped with specific applicator arms – cylinder, pivoting, blow or tamp & blow – to suit different requirements.
  • All print applicators and applicator arms are designed and manufactured in-house by Zetes to exacting quality standards.
  • Consumables (labels and ribbons) can be replaced quickly and effortlessly – usually in under 60 seconds.
  • The MD3000 and MD4000 solutions are Ethernet / Wi-Fi compatible.
  • The MD4000 solution can be configured with an OEM print engine, eg. Zebra, Sato.

In addition, Barcode Dynamics offers a wide range of peripherals (barcode scanners, dust covers, etc) and consumables (labels, ribbons) to support your Zetes labelling solution.

For further information and pricing on Zetes industrial labelling solutions – along with peripherals from Zebra, Sato and Honeywell – please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 07 3399 6510.